Make your own colourful homemade thread ball lamp – DIY

In general, people are very much fascinated to make creative articles especially in their leisure times. In my point of view, people often get a lot of relaxation to both mind and body by these activities regardless of their age. This article throws spot light on how to make a thread ball in an effective and cheap method.

The first and foremost procedure is that, we have to collect the necessary materials for the ball making. The requirements are listed below

  1. Ball(size can vary)
  2. Fevicol gum
  3. Thick thread
  4. Bulb with holder
  5. Colour paint(if necessary)

Secondly, we have to prepare the fevicol gum in a smooth condition. In that purpose we have to add water in an equal or greater than the amount of the gum.After that, we would get a dilute form of fevicol.Then we have to dip the thread slowly into the diluted gum.Then it wind over the ball with regards to the wetness of the thread.Care should be given about the tightness of the winding. More over we have to make sure that , whether whole areas of the ball are covered by the thread or not.Then the gum should be spread over the surface of the ball. After that, allow it to dry in sunlight or dry area for 4 to 6 hours.

Then we have to identify the air hole of the ball and draw a circle which centralise the air hole. .But the size of the circle can adjust according to the size of the bulb which decided to put in the ball.After that, cut the portions of the circle of the thread. Not to forget to smooth the sharp edges of the cut area.

Finally, remove the air from the ball. Then we can easily remove the deflated ball.We can colour it according to our wish.Next we can attach a thread at the top side of the ball for hanging.then insert the bulb along with a holder. Modern White LED lights are more sutable. also you can select bulb with different shades according to your interest.  The above two threads can tie with this holder.Then we can capture the miraculous beauty of the thread ball.

Homemade thread ball lamp Steps

To summaries, this home made thread ball invariably gives an elegant feeling to the rooms. Besides, it provide a dim light atmosphere to the buildings.So I strongly recommend you to practice this marvelous creation as early as possible in your home or your working places.