Computer Puraanam – An antique Technology gallery

This post is to introduce one of the informative collection of computer and its accessories used in the history of technology timeline. It telling  a story of the computer generation and the legacy computer peripherals used in couple of years back.

This is initiated by Mr. Shyam lal T Pushpan, who is a trainer by profession and shown his excellence in many areas of IT industry such as a consultant, technical writer. He is an award winner of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional ). He has a hobby of collecting old computers, laptops accessories. Now he have a good collection of this antique items.


Black and white 20MB HDD (1984)

About computer Puranam, It is a facebook page to list his collections and share the information about the particular item. Apart from a normal facebook page, it is growing as community of IT experts and students to discuss about how it worked including the technical aspects. wondering that most of the items are not in use. this will give a  nostalgic feel when you go through the listed items. And informative for school collage students.

Find the page link :

He is not limiting this initiative to an on line portal, instead it is a preparation for the dreaming Exhibition event. here is your chance to be a part of the initiative. You can contact Shyamlal If you think that you have something special to contribute. Reach him on or Facebook