Freedom251 – Real or Scam ?

Current hot topic in social media is about freedom251. Freedom251 is claims that they will be able to provide a Android smartphone with lolipop at the cost of 251 INR. Since this device is available in a mouth watering price, most of the people are being attracted and eager to buy the product. But here am trying to figure out the facts and conviction of the same. And I decided not to pre order it online as it is not even secure. But definitely buy this if it sell under a trusted channel.


Offering an Android smartphone in lesser than the cost of a of a charger
I cannot even compare to the cost of a micro USB power supply or the cost of a memory card offered as internal memory

How can ringing bell afford front page in all leading newspapers

How a one year old company can bring this to the front page of leading news papers.

Age and validity of the website

A company with long vision indeed , they registered their domain for only one year. and it registered just before 10 days of the official launch

Age and validity of the freedom251

Look like a Re-branded phone cost about 4000 INR
Based on the social media comments, I Noticed the possibility of rebranding Adcom ikon 4. But based on this article Adcom denies it is manufacturing the Freedom 251


 Long waiting period & prepayment.
The company says it may take up to 4 months for your unit to ship. and what is this time period for ? buying something from outside India ? or to re-brand it ?

Brand name is hided with whitener
Images of freedom251 is look like hiding the brand name of Adcom with a whitener. See the images.

Brand name is hided with whitener freedom251

Cart is not secure.
Technically speaking, why this site with a cart is not SSL implemented ?.
Based on some screenshots, It is using CCavenues gateway and it is a secure site

Wrong Product images in website (Replaced but available in google cache)

Quality of the product & the pictures displayed in the website is really different. A high end smart phone is showing in the website. after some hours. they have replaced the images and it is still available in the google cache :)

old nad new images of freedom251

Using Apple’s images as thumbnails.

Check the source of the page and see the name of the images.

Using Apple’s images as thumbnails freedom251

We can order even half a phone
Interestingly Freedom251 cart allow to place an order of half phone with a decimal value . See the screenshot. Cart is down now. but search internet for more screenshot evidence

order even half a phone freedom251