#StopBSNLads – BSNL injecting popup ads to Broadband customers

This is an open request to BSNL for disabling their popup ad injection.
Last few days I am struggling with BSNL popup advertisement in many websites. This is not an advertisement published by the website owners. BSNL is injecting the advertisement code to the pages we browse. It is violating the rules and without permission of a website owner they are injecting the codes to the pages. Those ads are not in a free Internet connection. People are started complaining BSNL in social medias, there is no proper response from the BSNL authorities. And many of them are already reported in Public Grievance


Couple of moths back BSNL start redirecting all pages to its servers to inform that we are running in a downgraded speed, and we cannot browse the Internet until we give a confirmation that we understand. this is mainly for forcing customers to topup / upgrade the broadband plan. it is annoying. now this advertisement popups all the time. Who is making money by selling this ads ? It is not only bsnl ads, but they showing some other ads like caringpapa.com. However advertisements are came from the web servers with BSNL owned IP address.

I would like to start a social media campaign with #StopBSNLads hashtag to get a Media attention. Let me know you your feedbacks.

Here are some technical details of the ads and its nature

Are we behind a transparent proxy ?

Proxy server is a kind of Server which can be in the middle of client and the server. This is mainly using for Content filtering and caching, however the server can log and see the data passing through this. You might think that we are not giving any proxy information to the browser settings. There is no need to configure the browser, Proxy server can be configured as a “Transparent proxy”. and redirect all the packets through the proxy gateway. So I doubt that there is a device which read all the data pass through it.

Sample code injected in website

 <div id="__BULLETIN__bdiv" style="position: absolute; z-index: 999999999; visibility: visible; top: 3576px; right: 20px; display: block; transition: top 0s ease 0s;"><style>   img.scalable {        max-width : 100%;        height: auto;    }</style><a id="__BULLETIN__bdivButton" target="_blank" href="http://www.caringpapa.com/landing/health/tax/?utm_source=abeer&amp;utm_source_code=CP2818&amp;utm_medium=bannertax&amp;utm_content=bannertax&amp;utm_campaign=affiliate">   <img id="__BULLETIN__bdivImage" style="height: 250px;" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">   </a>         <div style="overflow:hidden; position:absolute; right:0; top:0; z-index:9999999999;"><a id="__BULLETIN__button0" href="#"><img id="__BULLETIN__button0i" name="button0" class="scalable" src="" border="0"></a>         </div></div> 

Server / IP address
According to the injected code, following are the IP address of web servers

How to block bsnl popup popup ads injection

as a work around you can either add this ips in the router firewall / content filter. It can be blocked with browser plugins like adblockplus. It can be also blocked with a static route table

I also suggest you to change your DNS as Google DNS / OPEN DNS.