How to reset time in Honda CB Trigger Speedometer

When i bought my Honda CB trigger, the time in speedometer dashboard was incorrect. I have contacted their customer care toll free number to know how to set the correct time in my bike. But they ask me to go to the Honda service center. I even searched and check with friends who have Honda bike, I didnt get the solution. Unicorn first model having analog meters so most of them are not aware about it. New Honda CB unicorn is coming with digital meters.

After some trial and error methods, I learned the way to edit  the time in CB trigger. It might also work with other Honda bike models, if they are using the same system.

All we have to do is to adjust the time of CB trigger, Press and hold both RESET and SELECT button together for 5 seconds. Now it will start blinking the Hour display (Edit mode). then press SELECT  button to increase the value. once we set the Hour value then again clink on the RESET to switch to minutes. do the same way (SEL button) to increase the minutes. Press RESET button again to exit from the edit mode.