How I achieved 4096 tile on 2048 game

I just achieved 4096 tile in the addictive 2048 game. Recently the game trending in social media. I started trying to reach at least 2048 in first days.
When I achieved 2048, I realized that its easy to win if we follow the strategy i used. Its not a big deal. Make sure that you are arranging the highest tile in in any of the corner. In my case, I always try to move to right bottom of the square.

1) Move Down , Right, Down, Right many times

2) Some times you should move “UP” instead of down. there you have to use your logic.

3) Worst case it will stuck with all “Down” “Right” and “UP” (Try to avoid this situation). At this point you have to use “Left” once.

4) Once the right column aligned in assenting order, make sure that you try to match the top tile and then move to down.

Try your luck and comment your score.

2048 game 4096 tile

When i get a 4096 tile on 2048 game

2048 game over 4096

2048 game over with Best score 61140